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Back of House Support

We help family-owned hospitality & tourism businesses with their BOH Admin so they can focus on providing their customers with a unique experience and allow them time to grow their business or simply just find their work-life balance.
So, you're saying you can handle all our admin needs?

Our Talents

HHS strives as accomplished professionals in providing invaluable back of house support to family-owned hospitality and tourism businesses. Our services include expertly managing reservations to ensure optimal occupancy rates, handling stocktake to streamline inventory management, efficiently managing email communications to keep clients informed and engaged, promptly addressing customer queries to enhance guest satisfaction, and overseeing invoicing to maintain reliable payments. Additionally, we aim to excel in the crucial task of onboarding new team members, ensuring a seamless transition and alignment with the business’ goals and values. We strive to ensure through providing support in these tasks, we can help business owners focus more on their front of house, allow them the time to look at expansion opportunities or simply just assisting their mental health through allowing a better work-life balance.

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Our BOH Support packages allow you to allocate a selected amount of hours a week with services
such as inbox management, diary management, reservation services, handling customer queries,
stocktake, account work (invoicing, obtaining quotes, payroll) and assistance with HR tasks
(onboarding and training) included.

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Five Hours

Ten Hours

Fifteen Hours

Twenty Hours

Involving five (5) hours of
work per week, this service
is designed for businesses
seeking additional
assistance at an hourly
rate of $55.

Total - $275 a week

This package offers
support over a period of
ten (10) hours per week at a rate of $50 per hour. It's like having a part-time
assistant to help tackle
your tasks and needs.

Total - $500 a week

Get the extended support
you need with fifteen (15)
hours of dedicated
assistance per week at a
rate of $50 per hour.

Total - $750 a week

Comprehensive support
with a full twenty (20)
hours of weekly
assistance at a reduced
rate of $45 per hour.

Total - $900 a week

Casual Rate: $58 per hour 


CLient Love

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Peter Hyer for five years, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional individual in both personal and professional aspects.


Peter and I collaborated on various event and office projects during our time together, and his contributions were invaluable. He possesses a remarkable work ethic, unwavering commitment, and an insatiable drive for success. These qualities consistently shone through in every task he undertook.


What sets Peter apart is not only his dedication but also his delightful personality. He is a true team player, always ready to support his colleagues and make the work environment enjoyable. His reliability is second to none, and you can always count on him to deliver results on time.


Recently, Peter embarked on a new venture as a virtual event planning and hospitality admin. Given his skill set and character, I have no doubt that he will excel in this endeavour as well. He brings a rare combination of professionalism and approachability to everything he does.


I wholeheartedly endorse Peter and believe that his future clients will benefit immensely from his expertise and commitment. It was a privilege to work alongside him, and I look forward to seeing his continued success.

Wendy Tran

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