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Event Management

About Us

We're passionate about all things Hospitality and our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the noise.

Get to Know Us

Hyer Hospitality Solutions (HHS) is the culmination of a passionate journey in the fields of hospitality, tourism, and event management. What began as a side project known as Admin Hyer has evolved into a full-fledged business driven by the unwavering commitment of its founder. With a profound dedication to the industry, HHS aspires to make a meaningful impact. While the company has a plethora of exciting projects in the pipeline, its primary focus, for now, revolves around offering comprehensive event planning and administration services to family-owned hospitality and tourism businesses across Australia.

The overarching goal is to empower these small businesses in a highly competitive industry by relieving them of administrative burdens, allowing them to shine in their core strengths, and ultimately, crafting exceptional experiences for everyday people. HHS is guided by principles of inclusivity, sustainability, efficiency, and adaptability, all while delivering top-tier service and contributing to the achievement of a harmonious work-life balance for both clients and their valued teams.


Our Vision

Elevating Family-owned Hospitality and Tourism Ventures with Administrative excellence and unforgettable events.

Our Values

  • Community Engagement
  • Continuous Learning
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Inclusivity
  • Approachability
  • Sustainability

A little bit about me

 Hello, everyone! I’m Peter Hyer, the founder of Hyer Hospitality Solutions. Beyond my professional pursuits, I wear several hats - I'm a husband, a proud dad to two four-legged companions, and an uncle to a wonderful clan. My roots trace back to Sydney, where I spent the initial two decades of my life within a close-knit family that cherished moments centred around food and lifelong friendships. It's those early experiences that ignited my profound love for all things hospitality, food, and events. This passion propelled me to pursue a Bachelor of Business degree, specialising in International Hotel Management. As an adult, I've embarked on solo adventures and explored the world with friends and partners, a marked contrast from my parents' travel experiences.

My professional journey began in the world of accommodations, where I delved into various facets, including food and beverage, housekeeping, reservations, and front desk operations. Over time, I transitioned to the dynamic field of event management, where I've had the privilege of hosting, planning, and promoting a diverse array of events; specifically corporate. Eventually, I found my calling in administration, an arena where I thrived and deepened my expertise. After spending a fulfilling seven years in Melbourne, I've now planted my roots in the serene Adelaide Hills, where I relish quality time with my nephews, embark on outdoor adventures with my beloved canine companions, and wholeheartedly dedicate myself to nurturing my passion - Hyer Hospitality Solutions which is where my spend time putting these passions and skills to action by supporting family-owned hospitality & tourism businesses.


Some of my interests

Food Lover

Dog Dad

Travel Crazy

Avid learner

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