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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Happy Wear it Purple Day! To be honest with you all, I'm not someone who really celebrates this day but whilst I was researching some things for the business last month; I came across the theme for this year's Wear It Purple Day which is Write Your Own Story and it really struck a chord for me. For many years, I have always tried to please people and do what I had been taught was the norm and expected from me. However, after hitting a few mental breakdowns this year because I had allowed my depression and anxiety to overtake my life again and I was not happy with where I was going with work and life; I decided this was no longer going to be my story. I have spent the last four months focussing on me and my health and even though I still have more to do; I feel I am finally starting to choose me and how I want my story to go. I have left my full time job which no longer gave me drive to get up in the morning...I have loosen my load of things on my plate (because those who know me, know I never have a light plate)...I have started to reconfigure my business plan...I have prioritised the things I love and started to add more of them to my calendar...I have been attending therapy and have removed the stigma of men doing therapy in my head. Sometimes life gets in the way and society seems to play influence on you along with your inner me I know! However life is short so try to remember this Wear It Purple Day that YOU are the author of your own story and after all the crap in the world we have gone through especially in the last four years; its time for us to enjoy some happiness in our storylines. So today, take a moment for something that makes you laugh...decide to do that job you would love to compassion to someone who might need it and as one of my favourite people always says, LOVE YOURSELF!

Business Update...Group Mentoring Program has started, my new Key Services have been selected and consults have been had with some Marketing & Branding Experts.

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