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Beginnings: Welcome to my World!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Hi All,


This week I marked two months since I finished my course with VA Institute and really started this journey of having my own VA business. I have always wondered if this type of path is possible especially since CoVid and really falling in love with the Admin side of life but it wasn't until I had a chat with an old work colleague that I realised this could be a reality for me. Over the last two months, it has definitely been a rollercoaster of a ride and like any journey there has been some bumps along the way. Some of the bumps have included subscribing to too many systems, having confidence knocked after being rejected by potential jobs, being overwhelmed of owning my own business now, forgetting that I am a boss now and don’t deserve to be bossed around. However with this said, my passion has not died and I am more determined than ever to prove to myself that I can do this and no matter my inner demons I still have faith I'll find some amazing clients and reach my ultimate dream. Also it is always important for me to remind myself of the accomplishments and good factors so let's look at some now…

Perks so far have been learning and growing as a person, meeting some astounding people, learning some new systems and skills, being a bit less stressed, being able to sell myself successfully.

For those considering whether to pursue this career option, all I can say is if you have a strong passion for what you do, you would prefer or need a more flexible lifestyle where you can choose who you work with and you have drive….then do it! I started my journey of being a VA business as a side hustle setting everything up and applying for job leads whilst I continued to work my full time job and having guaranteed pay. Therefore if money or confidence is a concern; why not give my way a go first and see how you go. Also the VA community in the short time I have been part of it has to be one of the most supportive communities I've experienced so don’t fear; you have a tribe by your side.

Anyways I am no blogger or professional writer but I have decided to journal my story on this page moving forward each month and look forward to hearing your comments and stories as well. Let's start this next chapter together and follow along as we hope to see Admin Hyer grow and blossom.

Follow your dreams! Remember everything has a beginning so go start yours.

Signing off for July,


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